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As some of you may be aware, we have another closely related business (Alaska Meat Company) near Kodiak, Alaska where we raise and process grass-fed/finished cattle on a remote island (Sitkinak). Every year our families are provided the opportunity to eat wild fish directly out of the ocean and off the boat. We returned from fall processing on Sitkinak this year and we are excited to announce that we have established a partnership with some limited quantities of WILD Salmon & Halibut. These fish are sustainably caught by a local multi-generational fishing family! These are beautiful whole filets that are fully processed at a small operation on Kodiak! It is extremely important to us that we shorten the ‘supply chain’ for your food and there is full transparency and integrity in the land and water that your meat comes from. We have decided to offer these limited quantities of salmon and halibut through ‘Summer Grilling Bundles’. This year we were able to acquire limited quantities of Coho/Silver Salmon and Halibut! We hope to expand our opportunities into the future with further offerings, please recognize this is our first year at offering Summer Grilling Bundles and we will be working to identify issues/opportunities and improve our process.

We will fill the available opportunity on ‘first-come, first serve’ basis as we receive emails/orders. We will be processing beef and delivering the bundles starting early January. We are truly excited about this as we believe that the current retail price points for halibut and salmon are crazy (typically over $14/lb for salmon and $21/lb for halibut) and we are working hard to make Wild Alaska Fish more affordable! Please let us know how we may be able to better accommodate you and enjoy some of the finest quality meat available!

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